Kane Mechanical, Chiller Service, Repair & Installation / HVAC specialists. (941)-773-7815  Quality, Honesty and Integrity. ( Trane, McQuay - DAIKIN and IAIRE ( ULTRA-DRY ) former factory service technician, Factory trained / certified )


Introducing Kane Mechanical

My name is Andrew Kane, and I have hand picked the best Industrial HVAC specialists in the area with over 35 years of combined experience to provide the gulf coast with a dedicated team of experienced technicians and engineers who are knowledgeable, accountable, innovative and effective. We know what it takes to ensure your equipment is up and running at 100% and work harder and smarter to exceed your expectations.

Kane Mechanical is a local company, based right here in Bradenton Florida, and we specialize in CHILLER SERVICE, maintenance, repair, installation, design, training, and troubleshooting for all major brands of commercial HVAC facilities. ( Factory Certified : Trane chiller, McQuay chiller, and IAire 100% OAU units )

We provide OEM Factory Equivalent Service of:


  • Water cooled industrial centrifugal, screw and scroll chillers
  • Air cooled screw, scroll and reciprocating chillers
  • Cooling towers
  • Commercial rooftop packaged equipment
  • Commercial DX split systems
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Chilled water and direct expansion air handling equipment
  • 100% Outdoor air / energy recovery ventilators equipment
  • 100% outside air handling and conditioning equipment
  •  Anti-Corrosion coating field or shop applied 

These are just a few of the capabilities of Kane Mechanical. We also offer:

  • Water pumps serviced and installed
  • Precision motor and pump alignments
  • Welding and light duty steel, stainless steel and aluminum fabrication
  • Flexible inspection and service agreements
  • Custom engineered heat recovery systems using heat rejected from AC/ Refrigeration systems for preheating of domestic and process hot water

Customer service lives here. I believe in doing it right the first time.

QUALITY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY are the cornerstones of our business.

Call us for a free consultation and learn what we can do for you.

Andrew Kane
Founder and President, Kane Mechanical

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Cell# 941-773-7815